Swing doors can be retro fitted to existing doors or as a new installation with new frame and door leaves. There are three types of swing door:

1. A low energy swing door operator: For use mainly by the disabled but can be used manually by the able bodied. Will be fitted with push buttons to activate the opening sequence. The opening and closing pressures are minimal.

2. A fully automatic swing door unit that has radar activation and door mounted safety devices. A Firmer closing and opening pressures.

3. A folding door which can be fitted when limited on space, these cannot be retrofitted to existing units.

Our swing door range is as follows; DFA127 This is our most installed units, these units have been fitted to all of Essex police stations and most of Elite’s clients. The units are extremely reliable and can be used on very heavy doors. The unit can come with its standard rocker switch which is located on the side of the operator with its 3 functions or an optional control pad with 6 functions can be fitted at extra cost. This can be used as a low energy which does not require radars or sensors and being activated via wireless push pads.



Finding Out More

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