The Benefits of Sliding Doors

Effective and easy to use. Sliding doors are highly effective at regulating the flow of large numbers of users and can be operated easily with no contact from the user. Users of these doors can also have their hands full, be carrying bags, pushing trolleys etc and still use the doors safely.

Letting in light and safe operation. Glass sliding doors let lots of light in to a building. Users can clearly see each other either side of the doors and there is no push / pull confusion. Sensors prevent trapping and maintain constant correct operation. Doors can be opened fully in emergencies, and are fitted with a device to make sure they open even if mains power fails.

Make the most of the door space available. In many buildings the door space is limited, and telescopic sliding doors for example mean that you can still have an effective sliding door system in a small space.

Regulate air flow and temperature in the building. Their automatic opening and closing and fast operation help to maintain regular temperatures and air flow in the building.

Visually appealing. Sliding doors entrance the look of a building. This is particularly evident with designs such as curved automatic sliding doors.

Fitting the existing architecture. Where there are more irregular or more individual building designs, prismatic doors for example can ensure an effective solution and a good fit with the doorway area and space available.

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BS:EN 16005

Sliding doors come in various forms, bi parting, curved, telescopic and prismatic.

To conform to B.S 7036(96)and EN: 16005 all sliding door operators should be fitted with an emergency opening device that is monitored every four hours.
The emergency unit opens the door if there is a mains power failure.

Threshold and side screen safety device are to be fitted on all sliding doors to protect users from being crushed or impacted by the door leaves during their opening and closing cycles.

All of Elite Entrance Systems Ltds’ installations comply to these standards