West One Wood Flooring is a specialist in the manufacturing, installation and restoration of antique, reclaimed and new timber flooring. We are based in Brentwood and provide national and international services to domestic properties.

Established 5 years ago, West One Wood Flooring boasts of a wide range of loyal clients. This is made possible through extraordinary service and the friendly, approachable manners of our floor layers. Our floor layers are all expert craftsmen within their chosen fields; their competence will ensure that your new acquisition is installed perfectly.

Since timber is sensitive to moisture and humidity, it is vital that its new surroundings are suitable. We will carefully examine your home to ensure the safety of your new floor and make sure that the timber will thrive.

To West One Wood Flooring Company, health and safety are paramount. We carry out full risk assessment as required. when required. Each and every project we complete is planned meticulously. We take the utmost care in making the projects as time-efficient and reliable as possible.

We care for the wood we work with. That is why it is important to us that you are provided with sufficient information and a quality installation - so that you can love your new timber floor for many years to come.

A bespoke timber floor from us is a tasteful statement of perfection.